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The Caretaker        Season 1        Episode 1***
Scene: After Voyager is catapulted to the Delta Quadrant, Janeway heads on down to Engineering to survey the damage. She rounds a corner in the corridor to go into Engineering.

Blooper: When we see her enter Engineering in the next shot she enters from the turbo-lift, not the corridor.

Submitted by Echo Boom
The Caretaker        Season 1        Episode 1***
Scene: As Paris' shuttle is approaching DS9, 1701-D can be seen written on the side of the shuttle (The Enterprise registry).

Blooper: The Enterprise was nowhere near DS9 at the time.
Good Shepherd        Season 6        Episode 20*****
Scene: After the escape pod is launched towards the swathy phenomenon it shows the inside with Crewman Harren pressing buttons.

Blooper: When the camera turns to face the display the crewman is working on, you can see a Mac OS mouse cursor on the top left of the screen waving in a circle.

Submitted by Justin P. Boom