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Charlie X        Season 1        Episode 2**
Scene: Captain Kirk races into the turbolift and then onto the bridge

Blooper: He exits the turbolift in a completely different shirt on then when he entered it.

Submitted by Ken
Where No man Has Gone Before        Season 1        Episode 3****
Scene: Gary Mitchell just prepared a grave for kirk.

Blooper: The name written on the gravestone says "James R. Kirk" when we all know his name is James T. (Tiberius) Kirk
Space Seed        Season 1        Episode 22*****
Scene: Kirk breaks the window to the stasis chamber Kahn is lying in, saving Kahn's life.

Blooper: As he breaks the window he drops his phaser to the floor. Keep watching and McCoy looks down at the phaser a couple times and is obviously distracted by it. He then starts to reach down to pick it up but then changes his mind and remains unsure about what to do.

Submitted by Corbett
Journey to Babel        Season 2        Episode 10**
Scene: Sarek walks into the lounge and pours himself a drink to take his medication with. Gav (a tellarite) looks on in the background.

Blooper: Gav holds his drink in his left hand and as the camera switches angles to him he takes a drink with his right hand.

Submitted by Selek