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Encounter at Farpoint        Season 1        Episode 1***
Scene: Riker is walking down the corridor looking for the holodeck, he puts his hand on the computer and asks where the holodeck is

Blooper: The Computer tells Riker to go straight and to his right. Riker then proceeds to go straight, but he then turns to his left into the holodeck.
The Naked Now        Season 1        Episode 2*
Scene: Troi walks into her quarters to find an intoxicated Tasha trying on her scarves.

Blooper: Troi is holding Tasha's hand while taking the scarf from her. The camera switches views between the two of them. When it faces Troi she is holding Tasha's right hand with her right hand. But when facing Tasha, she is holding Tasha's right hand with her left hand. Also in one of the views they are holding a scarf but not in the other.
Code of Honor        Season 1        Episode 3**
Scene: Tasha Yar is involved in a fight with Yareena to the death.

Blooper: During the fight Tasha's weapon is on her left hand. But when she beams up with Yareena to the Enterprise, the weapon moves to her right hand.
The Battle        Season 1        Episode 8**
Scene: The Ferengi Daimon beams off of the Stargazer.

Blooper: Shortly before the Daimon beams off he raises the shields on the Stargazer. Normally raising the shields would block a transport beam, but he seams to make it through fine.
Hide and Q        Season 1        Episode 9***
Scene: Riker and the crew are "flashed" by Q on to a strange planet filled with vicious animal things.

Blooper: After Data appears on the strange planet, the rank insignia is wrong. He's suddenly been demoted to Lt. Junior Grade.
The Big Goodbye        Season 1        Episode 11**
Scene: Picard is in the interrogation room on the holodeck. After the fat guy leaves, the other guy gives picard a cigarette. Picard takes a draw and coughs a bit.

Blooper: The scene changes and the cigarette is gone.

Submitted by David Shiplo
Datalore        Season 1        Episode 12**
Scene: Lore pours Data a glass of champagne.

Blooper: Immediately after the champagne is poured, as Data picks it up, it is suddenly flat. This is probably due to the time passed between the shooting of the scenes.
Datalore        Season 1        Episode 12**
Scene: After Data has transported Lore into space

Blooper: Wes asks him if he is ok. Data replies "I'm fine." One of the differences between Data and Lore is that Lore can use contractions, but Data can't.

[Note: This is repeated elsewhere in Next Generation episodes, most likely because of a mistake on the part of Brent Spiner.]

Submitted by Bryan A.
Skin of Evil        Season 1        Episode 22****
Scene: At the beginning, while Picard is sleeping.

Blooper: Riker tells Geordi to increase Speed to Warp 6. Geordi then promptly replies "Aye Sir, full impulse."
Skin of Evil        Season 1        Episode 22***
Scene: Riker is being sucked into Armus, the away team then runs toward him, and Geordi drops his phaser into Armus.

Blooper: When Captain Picard beams onto the planet you can see that Geordi's phaser is back in his pocket.
Skin of Evil        Season 1        Episode 22*
Scene: Worf is looking at a display screen of Armus' energy level.

Blooper: Later on in the episode the exact same display is used again when it is supposed to be displaying the amount of energy that troi is causing it to put out. With the same ups and downs.
The Child        Season 2        Episode 1**
Scene: Data is on his way to sickbay when he meets Diana

Blooper: He changes directions to help her to sickbay, which was where he was going to begin with.

Submitted by Melissa S.
Elementary, Dear Data        Season 2        Episode 3*****
Scene: Data is caught off guard at the capabilities of Moriarty and walks quickly out of the holodeck.

Blooper: Geordi chases Data and ask's "What's wrong Data". Data then gives him the page and Geordi's eyes widen and says, "Data, this is impossible...". He then flips the paper over so that we can see it. But when we are looking at it, it is right side up; which means that Geordi was looking at it upside down.
Elementary, Dear Data        Season 2        Episode 3*
Scene: Data carries the piece of paper off of the holodeck.

Blooper: If the paper was like any other holo-object, it should have dissolved as soon as data left the holodeck, but it continued to exist long after he exited.

[Note: This happens many times in Star Trek. It could be explained in the episode "Encounter at farpoint", when Data explains to Riker how the holodeck works similiar to a replicator. I'll let you decide for yourself]

Submitted by David Shiplo
Loud as a Whisper        Season 2        Episode 5***
Scene: Data, who has learned sign language is translating what the mediator is saying.

Blooper: Those who know how to read sign language can tell that Data translates what the mediator is signing before he actually signs it!
The Measure of a Man        Season 2        Episode 9**
Scene: Data is asked to bend a solid metal bar to demonstrate his strength.

Blooper: Data bends the bar and hands it to Riker, who then places it on the JAG officers desk. But when it is placed on the desk it is not bent in the same way.
The Dauphin        Season 2        Episode 10***
Scene: Wesley's girlfriend and her guardian change into monsters and growl at each other.

Blooper: While the monsters are fighting, if you look in the mirror you'll notice that there is no reflection in the mirror.
The Royale        Season 2        Episode 12*
Scene: The Enterprise just beamed up a piece of space trash the has NASA's logo on the side.

Blooper: Riker and O'Brien pick up the piece of space trash that had NASA's logo on the side with their bare hands. This is unrealistic in that it would have been close to zero kelvin.

[Note: This may not be a blooper because it is very possible that the transporter can adjust the temperature of an object]
Q Who?        Season 2        Episode 16**
Scene: Q snaps his fingers to send the Enterprise back to their starting point.

Blooper: The ship starts turning around to it's left as it gets flung back; but if you look at the stars on the viewscreen, the stars move from right to left. Which is the wrong direction.
Samaritan Snare        Season 2        Episode 17***
Scene: Wesely and Picard are leaving the Enterprise in a shuttlecraft.

Blooper: Wesley opens a com channel and says that shuttle number 2 is ready for takeoff. When you see the shuttle powering up, there is an "O1" on the outside of the shuttle.
Up the Long Ladder        Season 2        Episode 18*****
Scene: Riker is rendered unconscious by a phaser set to stun and is being dragged off of the scene.

Blooper: As he is being dragged off-scene, you see him look up at the camera, thinking he is out of the shot.
The Emissary        Season 2        Episode 20*
Scene: The crew is playing poker

Blooper: The stakes are being raised as they go around the table. La Forge and Pulaski call by putting a stack of chips into the pot. As the camera switches angles, the pot has no stacks of chips and then has them later

Submitted by Vickie C.
The Enemy        Season 3        Episode 7****
Scene: Picard tells Tomaluk that he will be escorting the Romulan ship to the Neutral Zone.

Blooper: In the closing scene, instead escorting the Romulans, the Romulan Ship and the Enterprise take off in two different directions.
The Price        Season 3        Episode 8***
Scene: Troi and Devinoni Ral are having dinner together.

Blooper: Troi picks up a fork and takes a bite without anything on the fork!
The Hunted        Season 3        Episode 11***
Scene: At the end when the Prisoners show up, Danar tells the leader to shoot.

Blooper: Danar shoots the wall behind him and it blasts a hole in the wall. But Later scenes show the wall undamaged.
Yesterday's Enterprise        Season 3        Episode 15****
Scene: Geordi is talking to Guinan about Tasha Yar.

Blooper: If you look at his uniform, it is the same uniform that he wore in the alternate timeline.
Captain's Holiday        Season 3        Episode 19*
Scene: Picard gives Vash a shovel to dig with.

Blooper: Picard gives Vash the shovel with the handle pointing toward himself. Then they switch to a far shot and the handle is pointing towards Vash.
The Most Toys        Season 3        Episode 22***
Scene: When Data is talking to the Enterprise at the beginning, he says "Level 1 precautions for incoming material remain in effect".

Blooper: When Geordi and Wesley play back the tape, Data says "Level 1 precautions remain in effect"
Sarek        Season 3        Episode 23**
Scene: During the music recital of Mozart.

Blooper: The Allegro they are performing is by Brahm not Mozart.
Family        Season 4        Episode 2**
Scene: While Wesley is watching the holographic image of his father.

Blooper: In one scene Jack Crusher is shown not wearing a communicator pin. Then in another scene the communicator has suddenly appeared.
Brothers        Season 4        Episode 3***
Scene: Data has taken over the Enterprise and is locking the computer with a very long code.

Blooper: The code that Data is saying to the computer, differs from the one that appears on the screen.
Suddenly Human        Season 4        Episode 4*
Scene: Jeremiah sits down to eat his ice cream with Wesley.

Blooper: Jeremiah sits down to Wesley's left, but the ice cream hits him from the right.
Remember Me        Season 4        Episode 5****
Scene: When the entire crew disappears and Beverly exits the turbolift onto the bridge.

Blooper: As she exit, the cameraman and equipment can be seen in the reflective panel to the lift's left.

Submitted by Vickie C.
Reunion        Season 4        Episode 7***
Scene: Worf holding K'Ehyler after her death.

Blooper: When Worf lowers K'Ehyler's body, her eyes flutter open and close several times as actress Suzie Plakson "gets her bearings."

Submitted by Vickie C.
Devil's Due        Season 4        Episode 13**
Scene: In The Original Series episode "Day of the Dove" Captain Kang states that Klingon's have no devil.

Blooper: In The Next Generation episode "Devil's Due" Ardra transforms into what the Klingons call "Fek'lhr ", the ruler of the place where dishonored Klingons go when they die.
Half a Life        Season 4        Episode 22****
Scene: Near the end of the episode, Lwaxana is standing next to a mirror.

Blooper: As Lwaxana walks away from the mirror, a reflection of the boom mic is visible for an instant.

Submitted by Vickie C.
In Theory        Season 4        Episode 25**
Scene: Jenna is telling Data the reasons she left Jeff.

Blooper: At the conclusion of the conversation, they close the torpedo and Jenna moves to a console. Resting on top of the torpedo is a diagnostic tool, which Jenna left there. When Data stands, he has a different diagnostic tool in his left hand. When the scene shifts and Data is walking toward Jenna, his diagnostic tool is now in his right hand and Jenna is holding the tool she left on top of the torpedo.

Submitted by Vickie C.
Ensign Ro        Season 5        Episode 3***
Scene: Ro gives her jacket to a little girl.

Blooper: Her communicator was on her jacket, but after she handed the jacket to the girl the communicator was suddenly on her uniform or her undershirt.
Silicon Avatar        Season 5        Episode 4*****
Scene: Data talks to Dr. Marr while she scans the planet with her tricorder.

Blooper: Near the end of the conversation she closes her tricorder and then re-opens it. But when she re-opens it, she's holding it upside down so that it's scanning her! One wonders if she was picking up any form of intelligent life.
Disaster        Season 5        Episode 5*
Scene: Near the end when Picard is heading towards his ready room.

Blooper: After he walks into his ready room, the doors close but the sound of the doors comes to late.
Disaster        Season 5        Episode 5***
Scene: Picard is handing out pips to the children in the turbolift.

Blooper: When he gives Marisa her pips, there are already two holes punched in the collar of her tunic before Picard even pins them on.

Submitted by Vickie C.
The Game        Season 5        Episode 6****
Scene: While Riker is holding Wesley's eyes open so that he has to play the game.

Blooper: While his eyes are being held open Wesley blinks. Clearly indicating that he doesn't have to "enjoy" the game after all!
Unification pt.2        Season 5        Episode 8*****
Scene: After Data gives Sela the Vulcan neck pinch and they all exit the room.

Blooper: If you look at the shiny glass pyramid on sela's desk. You can see a reflection of a camera man chewing gum.
Conundrum        Season 5        Episode 14***
Scene: During the crew records search

Blooper: Deanna Troi's father is listed as "Alex," although he is referred to as "Ian Andrew" in several other episodes, including "The Child" from season two.

Submitted by Vickie C.
Ethics        Season 5        Episode 16**
Scene: Worf just gets hit with a barrel and breaks his back.

Blooper: Just after the first barrel hits worf a second one fell as well and it's lid pops off. But when Geordi runs over to Worf, the lid is back on.
Cost of Living        Season 5        Episode 20**
Scene: Picard and Data are trapped in the turbolift

Blooper: If you look at Picard you can see that he only has three pips on instead of four.
Cost of Living        Season 5        Episode 20**
Scene: Picard is just told that the inertial dampers are offline.

Blooper: Picard then orders the Enterprise to drop out of warp. But if the inertial dampers were offline while they were in warp, they would have been stains on the back wall of the bridge.
The Next Phase        Season 5        Episode 24***
Scene: As Riker begins to play the trombone during Ro and Geordi's funeral.

Blooper: You can hear the trombone playing before Riker's lips reach the mouthpiece. Also, throughout the episode, if Geordi and Ro really were out of phase, they would be falling through the floor. But obviously, the story is more entertaining the other way. That's what they call, "poetic license".
Relics        Season 6        Episode 4*
Scene: Scotty is retrieved from the transporter buffer and remarks how they sent Captain Kirk to get him

Blooper: In Generations, its established that Kirk was killed, and scotty should have known that.

Submitted by Hal
A Fistful of Data's        Season 6        Episode 8*****
Scene: Pa Hollinder just finished talking to his son in jail and is now talking to Worf and Troi.

Blooper: While he's talking take a look at the mannequin stand in for the son in jail.
Timescape        Season 6        Episode 25****
Scene: Just after they set time in proper motion Picard tells Riker to beam Geordi off of the Romulan ship directly to Sickbay.

Blooper: After they fixed the running of time, the Romulan ship disappeared. That would mean Geordi would be floating in space.
Timescape        Season 6        Episode 25****
Scene: Picard checks the fuel consumption logs after the shuttlecraft's engine shutdown.

Blooper: As Picard enters the scene, the fingers of his right hand are curled to hide his "aged hand" from view. When he sits to operate the computer panel, he accidentally uses his right hand, revealing his long nails before he's affected by the time disruption around the bowl of fruit.

Submitted by Vickie C.