Den Dotson Biography

Den Dotson was born the exact center of six brothers. Three older and three younger for those playing at home. I have lived my whole life, except for four months in St. Louis, MO.

I have been watching Star Trek since the original series when I watched it perched on my father's knee. He always hoped I would be an astronaut. He forgot to see if I had any math skills first. Unfortunately, for my dad, I was born an artist. Something, as a kid, many coats of paint couldn't cover on my bedroom walls.

Den has been a professional illustrator, graphics design and animator for over 17 years. His work has been exhibited in various galleries and is featured on his website:

Other Info

Age: 38

Eyes: 2 both brown

Hair: brown except for the grey ones, ok grey except for the brown ones.

Favorite Technique: Animation

Favorite Artist: Ward Kimball

Favorite Food: My wife's pot roast