Daniel Joyce Biography

Daniel Joyce was born and raised in the South of the US. He has always had a connection with Star Trek because his parents have been watching it since the day they were married, back when the original series first aired. As a child Daniel would draw pictures in church and at home. But one day he discovered a drawing technique called shading. For the first time his pictures could look three dimensional. The discovery led him to take an art class given by a woman in his church. He is inspired by the work of Norman Rockwell, and the work of his brother-in-law Quang Nguyen. Even though people have tried to persuade him to choose a career that involves art, his desire is to have his own film studio.

Other Info

Born: 02/01/1985

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Favorite Technique: Pencil and Paper

Favorite Artist: Norman Rockwell

Favorite Food: Lo Mein